The Artists

Dianne Conroy

Dianne takes her inspiration from 23 years of travelling the globe living, learning and teaching in different cultures. Having lived in London, Tokyo, Singapore and Auckland, Dianne has experienced the vibrant colours of the changing seasons and cherry blossoms of Tokyo, the lush greens and vibrant gardens of Singapore, the old-world charms of London, and the wonderful plant and bird life of New Zealand.

Dianne is a talented quilter who spent 16 years living in Tokyo teaching quilting and selling commissioned quilts made from vintage kimonos. Dianne’s Blue and White Kimono quilting classes were a must do for expatriate women in Tokyo. While in Tokyo Dianne’s hobby was needle felting and learning as much as possible from Japanese needle felting artists.

Now based in Brisbane Dianne lives with her husband and two teenage children. She spends her time creating high quality pieces of art to bring joy to the lives of others and has a modern twist on taxidermy.

The inspiration for Wild Woolly Heads came from her love of needle felting, nature, her travel experiences and her dog Sunday.

Dianne Conroy

Annette Rowlands

The other creative force behind Wild Woolly Heads is Dianne’s sister Annette Rowlands. As part II of the sister act, Annette was inspirational in the development of the Wild Woolly Dogs creations.

Annette being the older sister was taught fine drawing by her father who was a artist and potter until his early death at 32 yrs. Annette was inspired by his work and has always had a love of handmade items. Gaining needle felting skills taught to her by Dianne the sisters collaborated together to open Wild Woolly Heads. Annette brings fine detail and sculpture skills after her years of creating and crafting.

Annette Rowlands

What is Needle Felting?


nimal felting is the art of handcrafting realistic looking animal replicas from felted wool. Felt is a textile material that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibres together. Felt can be made of natural fibres such as wool or animal fur.

Wild Woolly Heads and Dogs are made from 100% natural wool fibres. Each Wild Woolly creation is individually crafted by Dianne and Annette in their studio in Brisbane and take between 30 to 200 hours of craftsmanship depending on the animal to create.