Furfrenz are an extension of Wild Woolly Heads, and are inspired by animals that have the ability to be crazy, very cool, and totally fun.

Like all Wild Woolly Heads, they are hand made from the 100% Australian and New Zealand wools which are dyed, blended and manipulated to create depth and life.  Furfrenz are based on a wire armature so are movable. All other materials are up cycled and re purposed due to their uniqueness.

Whether the look is natural or fun, each Wild Woolly furfrenz is unique and original due to the natural fibres and re purposed material used. Woven into each animal is a strong elements of art, colour, texture, form, and shape. Each piece has a powerful presence, illuminated with a soft, playful personality.


Wild Woolly Furfrenz are individually created by Dianne, based on her love of these animals.

Prices for Wild Woolly Furfrenz start at around $120.

 Commissioned pieces are welcome and priced depending on the size, complexity, and time involved. An important part of the order process is understanding custom requirements. Dianne will speak with you at length as Wild Woolly Furfrenz are created to become heirlooms for generations to enjoy.